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Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2022

We have been through a lot in 2021 – 2022 and what has it taught us about our lifestyle and home? We spent a year and a half in our homes due to the pandemic and it has raised many important questions… Do I love it? Is it time for an upgrade? Should I remodel? Where do I start?

The Pulse

The National Kitchen & Bath Association released its annual Design Trend Study for 2022 outlining: new trends, materials, appliances, lighting, and much more but where do we start?

Wellness has been on our minds throughout this pandemic. How can we improve our wellness in décor? Bring the indoors to you through Skylights, did you know that by bringing more natural light and plant décor you make your home more calming and welcoming?

Smart technology makes it easier to function in our homes like the new touchless faucets. These benefits include hands-free operation for reduced germ spread, voice control and temperature memory for convenience as well as an automatic 20-second washing for health. Also worth mentioning in the world of tech and décor is the increase in device charging/viewing and bidets/smart toilets, these techs are currently leading kitchen and bath additions.

The kitchen just got “smarter”! Vented hoods can now connect with cooking surfaces allowing you to schedule when it turns on. New hands-free features for wall ovens, and new connected appliances that allow you to search and find recipes, pre-heat from your car, and alert you when food is ready is very convenient. Can I get an Amen!

Cabinets have more choices than just color and style now! Most cabinet manufacturers have caught on to customers wanting better storage options and more functionality from their kitchen cabinets with pull-downs and table extensions that pull out from cabinets to allow seated kitchen work.  Creative color schemes are being used to extend to details like cabinet hardware, lighting, faucets, and other metallic elements.

Mixing Metals can usher in creative color designs and can complement details like cabinet hardware, lighting, faucets, and other metallic elements. By doing so you are bringing metals and colors to life by not going with the standard “as is” or perpetuating one tone in a room. Mix it up! Let’s get creative.

Quartz is trending in the design world due to being easy to care for and more affordable. Quartz countertops remain beautiful for years and require very little upkeep once installed. More specifically, light colored quartz is trending and is currently the most popular style of countertop on the market.

What’s Next

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