Not many of us can say that they have a large and spacious kitchen and that’s not a surprise, since most apartments have small kitchen space and, unless you design or build your home from scratch, you have to make the most of what you have. Decide what must be your small kitchen layout. So, what can you do in that case? Well, you could focus on the organization. There are many excellent tips and ideas that can help with small kitchen design tasks. We are not only talking about kitchen cabinetry organizers, but also practical small kitchen designs of easy-to-use furniture and accessories. Be sure to also review these smart kitchen storage ideas for your next makeover.

With a small kitchen, you cannot afford not to organize because you waste the little space you have. Concentrate on storing large items in a way that makes sense and saves space. A good example is the Rev-A-Shelf cookware organizer that allows you to line up your pots and pans vertically and also includes a slot for a lid organizer.


Ideal for storing jars, canned foods and other kitchen items, this removable wooden wall cabinet by Rev-A-Shelf is a must-have, with four shelves and a simple and elegant design with a durable frame and a nice combination of wood and chrome rails. Includes brackets for easy installation and features a soft closing glide system. Even an organized person would have trouble keeping all food containers under control without having an adequate kitchen storage system for them. Luckily, there is a system of this type and you can add it to your kitchen. We are talking about the food storage container organizer Rev-A-Shelf, which has a large module for all containers and a separate shelf with dividers for all the lids so you can organize them by type or size.

You are probably already familiar with some of these kitchen organization systems, such as this removable base cabinet kitchen organizer that is super convenient, easy to use and highly practical. Use it to store and organize canned products, packaged products such as pasta or cereal and jars. You can also use this as an organizer for spices.


There are some parts of the kitchen that we do not really use for their storage potential. An example is the space under the kitchen sink. To maximize the storage capacity of this module, use a corner cabinet pivot system like the one you can find in Amazon. It allows you to store things inside the cabinet, as well as on the shelves attached to the inside of the door.

Every little detail matters in the kitchen and that includes the waste containers. My personal favorite is a combination of two garbage cans stored inside a removable drawer, much like the Rev-A-Shelf you can find on Amazon. It is a very practical system with many advantages.

We should also talk about the kitchen drawers, which are often messy and filled with a lot of items that get tangled and pushed each time someone searches the object for a particular object. You can put an end to this madness with these Amazon drawer organizers. Divide the space of the drawer into small compartments so you can keep all the elements separated and grouped according to the criteria you can decide for yourself. These drawer organizers can also be useful in other contexts.

Vertical storage modules and deep drawers can be very practical as long as you organize the contents in a functional way. This removable utility kitchen cabinet offers an organized system for kitchen utensils and accessories, including cutting boards, knives, and other things. This can free up a lot of counter space in your kitchen, which is always good, especially when you have a small kitchen space.


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