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We Install Kitchen, Bathroom and Outdoor Countertops near Ladera Ranch, Orange County

Granite, Quartzite, Marble and Quartz are the ideal surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms today as Countertops. With our experienced and specialized fabrication and installation expertise, we are the ideal choice to help you create the look of your dreams. We offer an incredible range of patterns, colors, and styles.


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Granite, Quartz, Caesarstone, Silestone, Marble, Dekton, Sensa, Prexury, Eco, Tile, and more!

Why Use Granite?

Granite formed from molten rock in the earth’s core. It is an igneous rock that cooled slowly over time exposed to great pressure resulting in a very hard and dense stone. Granite is comprised of various minerals in different textures, colors, and crystalline structures. The variation of composition is what gives each type of granite richness and unique movement. The blending of different colors and the natural flow are part of what makes granite so appealing.

In addition, granite countertops are difficult to chip and scratch, are very resistant to heat, and are stain resistant as long as they are properly sealed regularly.

Why Use Quartz?

Quartz Countertops are comprised of a combination of crushed quartz and resin. Generally the ratio of composition is 93% Quartz and 7% Resin. Quartz is produced in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles.

The biggest advantage of using quartz for your countertops is that it is non-porous. Being non-porous means that your kitchen countertops will not likely be damaged by spilled liquids, dyes, and chemicals. In addition, Quartz is scratch and heat resistant – ideal for the kitchen where there are hot pans and sharp knives. Another advantage to Quartz is that it is an engineered product and offers consistency – what you see is what you get. One sample does not differ from the other and you get a consistent color and style across the entire countertop as opposed to some parts it being different from others. An added bonus to Quartz is that it typically has a limited lifetime guarantee as opposed to granite which comes with none.

What Countertops Should You Use Outdoors?

Many people today are dissatisfied with the look of their tile countertop in their back yard compared to their beautiful countertop in their kitchen. Unfortunately, not until recently, there wasn’t a product available that created a beautiful level surface that could be placed outdoors and had UV resistance. We carry a revolutionary product called Dekton. It is an ultra-compact surface made from a mixture of inorganic materials. It’s technical characteristics provide exceptional strength, performance, and UV resistance allowing it to be the first fabricated countertop product that can be used outdoors.

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Besides the fact that we have great installers that only work for us and that the projects are not subbed out, all of our projects are also backed with a 1 year quality installation warranty. If that is not enough, take note of our 25+ years of experience in the industry with everyone on our management team, sales staff, our measurement personnel, installers, etc. Our flooring company has a lot to offer.

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Whether you’re looking for design consultation, project planning, product selection, installation, or everything together, you’ve come to the right place! Flooring, Kitchen and Bath Design is proud to be a turn-key provider of quality flooring and remodeling services in Orange County. We are with you from the start to finish! View our flooring services!