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Kitchen Bath Design & Flooring home-pageproducts-link-fkbd Best Flooring Tips Making hasty decisions when undertaking flooring remodeling or installing a new flooring in your home may lead to a lot of regrets. The 1970s homeowners who integrated carpets to their bathroom floor soon found out their “new” bathroom flooring soaked up water and was always damp like washing sponges. Fortunately, you could do some research on flooring choices for your home to avoid making bad decisions as equal as the 1970s homeowners.

Before picking a new flooring material or design for your home, you may want to check out the pros and cons of these common carpet flooring types.

Pro: Judging from the reaction of dismayed buyers’ at home hunting programs, one might think that most owners prefer to live in a cave than in a house with carpets in the bathroom. In fact, carpets represent 51 percent of the US flooring market. According to the Carpet and Rugs Institute. The floor covering is an excellent option if you want a softer surface that complements your home decoration.

Cons: Carpet flooring is not recommended for wet areas and it can look cloggy and stain easily too.

Maintenance tip: Make sure you often remove spots and stains on the carpet. Regular vacuuming and shampooing of the carpet is required so it can always look presentable and alluring.


Hardwood Flooring

Pros: Hardwood floors add beauty to your home and can even increase your home resale value. Durable floors can be sanded and painted several times and can last up to 30 years or more.

Cons: Hardwood floors are not good choice to pick for moist areas, and can be scratched or dented if you’re not careful.

Maintenance tip: Use appropriate cleaner to clean it weekly, and ensure it’s been mop-dusted daily.

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Stone Flooring

Pros: Stone floors are an excellent choice for busy rooms and moist areas such as Kitchens, patios, bathrooms, and foyers. Stone flooring even adds some luxury to your home.

Cons: Stone flooring can be quite hard for the foot and definitely not a good option for kids’ playroom. Some stone flooring types are prone to stains and may require consistent sealing.

Maintenance tip: Sealing (if required), wet mopping and dusting it time to time.

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Tile Flooring

Pros: Low maintenance porcelain floors or ceramic are waterproof, obtainable in many colors and finishes, and can even mimic the appearance of wood or stone flooring.

Cons: Tile flooring are susceptible to crack when something hard drops on them.

Maintenance tip: Tile flooring requires regular wet mopping and sweeping.


Vinyl Planks and Laminate Flooring

Pros: Both Vinyl planks and laminate flooring enhances the look and feel of your home at an affordable budget that won’t drain your pocket. This flooring type can be manufactured to look exactly like tile, stone or wood.

Cons: Laminate flooring has very low scratch resistant. Vinyl flooring may tear or dent if you drop a heavy item such as a cast iron on it.

Maintenance tip: Vinyl and laminate floors can be maintained by sweeping and vacuuming it daily with appropriate cleaner.

Careful contemplation of your home flooring choices is vital to discovering flooring that looks good and offers a great value. Still, have a few questions about home flooring? Your nearby Flooring Kitchen & Bath Sales Representative can help you narrow your flooring options.

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