Searching for inspiration in kitchen design ideas? As the change of seasons approaches, we can feel the small differences in climate and colors that prompt us, design enthusiasts, to quickly renew few things in our homes. Seasonal trends often have to do with aesthetics and from warm colors to modern patterns and styles, form precedes functionality here. But as the fall of 2018 progresses, those who seek to alter their kitchen slightly even while drastically improving their functionality have a new and wonderful trend to expect: the dashboard.

Pegboards in the kitchen can be incredibly useful and you do not need to change too much to add a board surface to your existing kitchen. They can occupy any corner of the room and you will instantly see how the kitchen feels much more organized and cozy. Blackboards work especially well for those with many kitchen utensils, pots and pans and have to use them more regularly. Classic, simple and fashionable, this is a look at the best ideas of kitchen countertops.



It’s time to be innovative

The addition of a pegboard to your kitchen can be done in several ways and it all depends on the available storage, your kitchenware and how you want to use the pegboard as a general visual element. A wooden board wall in a small kitchen can be an intelligent solution for those struggling to find some space on the shelves. It is a space that can store almost anything and everything, and with some dashboards that also have an additional “magnetic” feature, the options are simply endless. Then, there are boards that can be hidden simply when they are not in use, much like a conventional sliding drawer in the kitchen!


Implementing Multiple Styles

Finding the right pegboard for your kitchen might have more to do with its functionality than with the simple “look”, but the latter also plays an important role in completing the kitchen of your dreams. A stainless steel board with bright style looks good in industrial kitchens, modern and contemporary, while a black one feels perfect for a minimalist and urban apartment kitchen. The worn wooden board is at home in the rustic and farm kitchens, while the more colorful wooden board finds space in the eclectic and elegant kitchens. Do not neglect the visual aspect while focusing on the many space-saving solutions offered by the board.


Kitchen Backsplash and Color

A pinboard splash guard or just a small pegboard panel over the backsplash in the kitchen is a convenient addition that requires very little in terms of a makeover. It feels organic and is more than enough since most of us do not have a pack of pots and pans to hang on. A little bright color introduced by the board wall can also add contrast to a monotone kitchen in neutral tones.


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